eder content is an independent multimedia news agency for a new generation of journalism consumers.

Since its inception in 2014, eder content offers premium journalistic content syndicated to different media outlets in Brazil and potentially abroad.

eder content mission is to create innovative narratives with quality and credibility in a way to promote new journalism consumers . We believe journalism can contribute to human and social rights valuation in issues of major impact for society.

We work through content syndication model for media outlets. Thus, we do not favor our own platform. We are an agency that license content for media industry.

eder content agency has a team of high-value freelance journalists with technical expertise and skills to deliver innovative narrative projects. Among reporters, text and video editors, illustrators, graphic designers, videomakers, photographers and programmers, we bring together renowned and experienced professionals as well as the new generation of creative journalists.

The largest internet portal in Brazil, UOL has been a client of the eder content agency for almost three years. With around 2 million visits/day (average of 2017), UOL offers free online viewing for the general public – without paywall – of the news stories licensed by eder content.

eder content has also other Brazilian media outlets of national scope, such as Piauí digital, Infoglobo Studio and O Estado de S.Paulo as clients.

The articles produced by eder content are based on pertinent questions from society, little or superficially guided by the mainstream media.

The digital approach explores narrative features that make content attractive and engaging for new generations of journalism consumers captured by tablet and smartphone screens.

Our portfolio ranges from comic journalism and cartoons to immersive videos and web documentaries.

You can find our stories available online at our clients websites, and only in Portuguese.